San Antonio Dentist Gives Back To The Community With A Purpose

W Dental Group has been focused on giving back to the San Antonio community since our doors opened in 1984. We are dedicated to volunteering our time and resources to benefit a variety of great causes in the community, in addition to the dental care services we offer at our clinic. In 2011, our office participated in the NOCC Walk/Run 5K Race to raise money for ovarian cancer research, and we are continuing to accept donations on behalf of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC). 

San Antonio Charity

With the help of our patients, W Dental Group contributed $1,500 towards ovarian cancer research in 2011.  In 2012 we were proud sponsors of the Walk/Run event, and we look forward to supporting Ovarian Cancer research for many years to come.  The Walk/Run is a way for us to be actively involved within the community and join together to raise money for a common goal. If you're interested in getting involved, please visit ( or just leave a comment on our Facebook page requesting information.

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition 5K Walk/Run Event, November 2012 at Brackenridge Park in San Antonio

Dr. Watkins and his dental staff are also involved with various charitable establishments around town such as the Smiles for Hope Clinic, which is a dental care clinic event held every year in San Antonio. The Smiles for Hope Clinic is available for those without dental insurance or who cannot afford dental care for their selves or their families. With Smiles for Hope, adults and children are able to have their dentistry needs met with teeth cleanings and x-rays available for little or no fees. The W Dental Group team is proud to donate their time each year for this worthy cause.  It is especially essential for children to get their teeth checked regularly so this program gives them a chance to do this. We post updates and donation information on our Facebook page so be sure to visit there for patient events and information.

Dentist San Antonio Smiles

Besides the numerous charity events our San Antonio dentists are actively involved with in the San Antonio area, Dr. Watkins also travels frequently to Central and South America to provide dental care to residents there who are in need. He has a personal creed-Loving to Live by Living to Love, which is prevalent in all aspects of his life. With charity work he gains a love and respect for people of all ages and nationalities. Dr. Watkins believes with his whole heart in giving back to his patients and neighbors, as well as the global community.

San Antonio Dentist Women of Faith

W Dental Group values their place in the community and continues to be actively involved through charity work in addition to engaging with patients, old and new, primarily through their Facebook activity. We want our presence to exceed beyond our dental care practice and be visible through the contributions we make outside of the office as well. Dr. Watkins and Dr. Cavazos' participation within the community and the volunteer efforts and donations he and his staff make simply expands upon his personal creed and brings a stronger sense of purpose overall to the dental practice.